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depression can be fun

Learn a new hobby or take up an old one.


Helen McNallen Depression Can Be FunDepressioncanbefun is an initiative of Helen McNallen who has suffered from Clinical and Bipolar Depression and wants to help others and spread the word. The site's name originated from the 'black comedy' of her experiences of manic depression and is certainly not meant to offend or belittle Depression. The site was launched officially on World Mental Health Day, 10th October 2008, at the invitation of the NHS at one of the many events hosted by them around the country.
- Helen McNallen

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My Alpha-Stim was the saving grace for me.  I didn’t need my medication any more and my therapy ended in March this year. Now I am energetic, I go to the gym, I am back on track.  Alpha-Stim has made a huge difference to me.  Joanne Thompson.

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depression at time of the month

hi, I get depression at a certain time of the month, I assume its related to my period, but I don’t really understand why it would happen. can u shed… Read more Addicted to shopping

I am interested in receiving the same kind of treatment as Helen because I have an lifelong addiction to shopping that I can’t control. I am spending more than I… Read more Anhadonia

I have had anxiety and depression on and off for over 10 years. While the anxiety is under control along with the depression thanks to medication, Steraline. I am suffering… Read more letting my family down

hi, i have been suffering depression & anxiety for a year now, i feel so silly for feeling like this but nothing i do makes me feel better. i make… Read more

Your Stories

Depression and me

So, where do I begin? Lets go from the start. I was rushed into hospital with suspected meningitis in October 2011. They later found out that it was a severe… Read more Rediscovering my Passions through Depression

Legs dangling out the windowsill into the unforgiving cold of Beijing’s winter, I sat in a trance, wondering what happened to me. At 28, I was in the global management… Read more Back from the brink

Anybody who knows me thinks of a funny, outspoken loud mouth who loves a good laugh a drink and a party. I would be at the crux of the here… Read more It is possible to live with depression

I was a happy outgoing child, until age 10 when puberty struck. Prior to that first period, I thought I had a brain tumour - I was so depressed, so… Read more

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My coping strategies 1) Put on your favourite album and just sing along to the lyrics. If you have as awful a singing voice as mine just sing under your breath. Concentrating on… Read more From my own experience Some personal lessons in dealing with depression, learnt over long years (see my story posted elsewhere). Shop around to get help; I was sent by GPs to various counsellors, some… Read more read To me it is very important read books. Specially about adventures Read more getting some exercise

Exercise is good for body & mind - but motivation is a major issue when you’re depressed.
One way to get a bit more exercise in your everyday life… Read more

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depression test, depression quiz

We all feel fed up sometimes but these feelings usually last for a couple of days or weeks at the most. Perhaps you have been feeling like this for longer.
We have designed a test to give you some indication.

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Igennus - Beating Depression

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More About You



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